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Pre-sales Service
1. Understand Tianyang

Tianyang has been dedicated for many years to the development of expansion tanks. By keeping up with the latest in pressure tank technology from Europe and other countries, we are now able to produce over 100 different varieties of expansion vessels in volumes ranging from 0.5L to 500L. Typical uses for these expansion vessels include potable water systems, water supply systems, booster pumps, air conditioning systems, hydronic heating systems, fire protection systems, geothermal heating systems and more.

2. Listen to Customer Needs
It is our job to contact our customers, listen to their needs, and understand the specific industry they are in. Based on this information, our experts will select the right model, style, and working pressure for your expansion tank. At this stage, any questions from customers will be answered in detail so that mutual understanding is reached.

3. Customer Order
Tell us the required tank size, working pressure, temperature, and internal lining material, and let our experts build a custom tank for you.

4. Sign a Purchase Contract
Business representatives need to be able to contact customers in regards to order quantity, material, style, and price. After customers confirm those details, a contract can be signed.

Sales Service
1. Two on One Service

We will assign a business representative and business manager to each order. For any product related questions, feel free to ask them, and they will reply as quickly as possible.

2. Place an Order, Arrange Production
We will assign business representatives to keep you updated on your order progress by sending you e-mails throughout the production process. This lets customers know when to expect their orders to be delivered.

3. Shipment and Feedback Collection
After your order is completed, we’ll ship it out to the customer ordered port or address. Our business representative will assist in monitoring the packaging process before delivery, and will collect and send product related information to you via e-mail. The information will include pictures of the product inspection, carton packaging, loading and container locking processes.

Each finished product has gone through a series of inspections to ensure customers get the best quality for their money. Packaging for the expansion tank is usually a carton box, and a plastic bag, ensuring the product will not be damaged in transit. Each pressure vessel comes with detailed instructions and a packing list, so customers can resell it easily if necessary.

After Sales Service
Going green is a policy that we have aimed for over the course of our development. This has also endeared us to customers from around the world.

1. Each of our products has gone through strict quality checks before leaving the factory. We’ll replace defective products free of charge within one year from the date of purchase, only if the quality defect is due to a manufacturing fault.

2. If quality problems arise from negligence in handling the product, whether it happens within the warranty period or not, so long as it is within the service life of the product, we will replace parts for free if we are able.

3. Each product comes with a name tag, instructions and warnings.

4. We promise to manage the quality according to ISO9001:2008 standards. We will deliver the right quality and quantity to customers on time. We aim for excellence, which helps us earn our reputation.

5. We use computer based information processing systems to store important data concerning your order, including tank sizes and shapes. Each customer will have a separate file in our information system. This makes it easier for customers to place their next order or correct the current order as necessary.

6. We’ll keep ordered equipment in stock so that customers get exactly what they need the next time around. The stock equipment will be the exact same as you’ve ordered, in terms of color, and internal parts material. If the ordered equipment is out of stock, we will produce it quickly while keeping the same price.

7. The sold product will be coded, allowing for full traceability.

At Tianyang, customer service is a systematic service that provides convenience for customers before, during and after a purchase. All product related information will be shared with customers via e-mail. Generally speaking, it takes 25 work days to complete an order and have it delivered to the logistics company. For urgent orders, we will expedite production.