Taizhou Tianyang Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Add.: Shangma Industrial Zone, Shitang Town,Wenling City, Zhejiang, China
Tel.: +86-21-57813120
Fax: +86-21-57753121
Contact (Supervisor): Charles Lian

Production Capability

Plant Facts
Tianyang owns and operates a 6,000m² facility, equipped with two painting lines, in lengths of 50m and 500m respectively, as well as one production line that combines inline stamping (deep drawing) and welding capabilities. A range of other production equipment is available, including the large scale hydraulic press, punch press, surface grinding machine, lathe, automatic gas welder, semi-automatic gas welder, automatic argon arc welder, and a semi-automatic argon arc welder. This equipment allows us to produce 3,000 expansion tanks each month, turning into an annual capacity of 1.1 million tanks.

Stamping (Deep Drawing):
over 30 equipment sets
over 10 equipment sets, plus one welding and stamping combination line
Spray painting:
6 equipment sets. There is one piece of CNC spray painting equipment that provides an array of acceleration and deceleration rates, and sprays electrostatically charged, atomized, ultra-fine paint powders onto the tank surface for a glossy, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant finish.
2 assembly lines are available.

  • A panoramic view
    A panoramic view
  • Stamping (Deep Drawing)
    Stamping (Deep Drawing)
  • Stamping Workshop
    Stamping Workshop
  • Hydraulic flanging press
    Hydraulic flanging press
  • Semi-Finished Deep Drawn Part
    Semi-Finished Deep Drawn Part
  • Welding
  • Automated production line (featuring overhead conveyor)
    Automated production line
    (featuring overhead conveyor)
  • Automatic Painting Line
    Automatic Painting Line
  • Cleaning
  • Valve Core Assembly
    Valve Core Assembly
  • Assembly Line
    Assembly Line
  • Delivery

Product Inspection
Butyl rubber and steel used in the construction of the expansion tank are both purchased from Exxon Mobil Corporation and Baosteel respectively. To monitor and inspect product quality, we’ve set up a specialized quality inspection department furnished with 5 qualified quality inspectors. The research and development team is comprised of 5 people that are in charge of the product research, development and design. Their efforts have resulted in a number of national patents.

In process products undergo a series of tests to measure their life expectancy, maximum allowable pressure, weld sealing performance and air tightness. The air tightness test lasts 24 hours.

  • Rubber Chemical Performance Test
    Rubber Chemical Performance Test
  • Rubber Physical Performance Test
    Rubber Physical Performance Test
  • Engineers at their jobs
    Engineers at their jobs
  • Air Tightness Test
    Air Tightness Test

Life Expectancy Test
Tianyang has designed specialized testing instruments that are able to test the life expectancy of the expansion vessel by simulating the actual work environment and controls the pressure change.

Maximum Pressure Test
Inspectors use a hydropress to inject water into the tank. The testing results show the both the bladder tank and the diaphragm tank are able to withstand a maximum pressure of 500bar.

Weld Sealing Performance Test
Pour air into the welded tank and place it under water to see if any air bubbles occur. If not, the tank is perfectly sealed and won’t leak air.

24 hour Air Tightness Test
Precharge the tank to a pre-set pressure and check if the pressure changes after 24 hours.