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    1. Expansion Tank for Heating System The expansion vessel is so commonplace in modern-day hydronic home heating system. It serves to absorb excess water pressure due to expansion and contraction of the water used for heat transfer.
    1. Expansion Tank for Water Supply System The pressure tank is a great addition to any potable water supply system and works superbly well with the water pump. When the pipeline or pumping system is at a pressure lower than the preset value for the pressure switch, the pump starts work.
    1. Expansion Tank for Solar Energy System In case you didn’t know, the solar expansion tank tends to be larger than the hydronic expansion tank. This is because the temperature in a closed-loop solar water heating system is 50°F to 60°F higher
    1. Expansion Tank for Air Conditioning System The HVAC expansion tank serves to absorb the expanded volume of water due to thermal expansion in the air conditioning system so that the system pressure stays relatively the same throughout the heating or cooling cycle.
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