Expansion Tanks for Water Heating System, Water Supply System, Solar Power System, HVAC.

When water becomes heated, it expands. If that happens in a close pipeline system, the pressure will increase until the pipes are unable to handle it, resulting in the pipes bursting. That is where Tianyang’s expansion tanks come in. Expansion tanks are common in hydronic heating systems, solar water heating systems, air conditioning systems and fire protection systems, in order to absorb the water as it expands, as well as handle pump start and stop surges.

Tianyang is a leading manufacturer of expansion vessels in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials, and each tank can be customized to meet specific customer applications. Simply contact us today to discuss customizing your expansion tank.

Main products
    1. 5L~100L Expansion Tank, Ultra-DEZHI

      Using a harmless replaceable butyl membrane, the Ultra-DEZHI pressure tank is absolutely safe for handling potable water. The pressure tank has gone through 24 hours of tests for pressure and air tightness.

    1. 5L~180L Expansion Tank, Water-DEZHI

      No air compressor is needed for this pressure tank as the internal air cushion is able to maintain a constant air pressure inside the tank and keeps water separated from air via the membrane.

    1. 5L~500L Expansion Tank, Extra-DEZHI

      The Extra-DEZHI expansion vessel is a multitasking pressure tank, available with a stainless steel connector. Robust SBR lining allows the tank to be pre-pressurized to 1.5bar of pressure.

    1. Stainless Steel Expansion Tank, Inox-DEZHI

      The stylish stainless steel design makes the Inox-DEZHI pressure tank a real eye-catcher and an excellent choice for handling sanitary hot water coming out of the boiler or the plate heat exchanger.

    1. 0.5G~4.5G Expansion Tank, Solar-DEZHI

      The Solar-DEZHI series expansion tank is mainly used as a pressure tank in solar water heating systems, hydronic water heating systems, and water pumping systems.

    1. 6L~12L Flat Expansion Vessel, Flat-DEZHI

      The expansion vessel we commonly see is either a bladder tank or diaphragm tank. What customers like about these expansion tanks is the unique flat shape fits easily in the cabinet of the heating system.

    1. 1L~3L Expansion Vessel, Hydro-DEZHI

      Hydro-DEZHI is a line of compact pressure tanks for use with potable water pumps. Unique membrane design avoids water logging and prevents bacteria growth.

    1. 0.5L~12L Expansion Vessel

      The HVAC expansion tank serves to absorb the expanded volume of water due to thermal expansion in the air conditioning system so that the system pressure stays relatively the same throughout the heating or cooling cycle.

    1. Expansion Tank Accessories

      Blind Flange: A range of blind flange sizes is available to blank off the ends of various pressure vessel openings. Rubber Bladder: Material: natural rubber, SBR, EPDM, butyl.